from by Khaelys



One moment of upset arrives
This terrible history starts when the time slips by the age of changes
As the earth turns through the sun and seasons indefinitely
A legendary world lost on the seas

Captive of human passions
The nature wants to take its revenge
Here come time of the dark evens

Male part (growl):
Destruction reigns everywhere,
Leaving the Kingdom into agony
The soul of its men will be lost in the darkness

Some will tell you always that it’s only one rebellion
Others will not understand the reasons

Soon two beings saw their fates intermingled
To protect their beloved ones they had to fight
Brave and proud they followed the light

How can we save this world from chaos?
When everything gets reduced to ashes,
The hope fades away suddenly

There is no turning back for anyone now
Each one is the maker of his own destiny
The serene days will start tomorrow

For now silence reigns on the universe, waiting for a new breath of life


from Across the Ages, released January 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Khaelys Strasbourg, France

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