from by Khaelys



Male part :

Alone in a cold place,
You wish to be heard
But nobody can see your face
Your only answer is to get her in this world
In the night, they can hear him howl one word

Female part :

I feel so sad...
Deliver me...

Is she this hope of bright light?
Heating the men in the night…
Is she this key which will open his heart?

Wondering and confused…
The Lonely Man
…In a tiny world


There are the souls inside that lives in the dark
Lamented into damp dust and sorrow
A gleam shining in the sky (in the sky)
in the darkened night (darkened night)
Gives him energy to find his way

Male part

I feel so sad...
Deliver me...


from Across the Ages, released January 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Khaelys Strasbourg, France

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